From keys and mechanical locks, to master key systems, door hardware installations and safe, we've got what you need for reliable home & business hardware.


Add in the convenience and accountability that an electronic access control system provides and you've added that extra level of security you need.


A camera doesn't lie, but you need something more than a big box store special if you want crystal clear resolution and hard evidence that a crime has occurred.


We needn't buy into the fact that security has to be complicated to be effective. Stronghold approaches security from a less-is-more perspective, knowing that clients need tried and true methods to protect themselves and not just the latest technology gadget or trend.

For over 15 years, we've been in the security industry honing our knowledge and skills in order to offer the best quality and best service to our clients in the Southern & Seacoast New Hampshire regions and extending down into the North Shore of Massachusetts.


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